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Hello Dare!

Cooler here last night and today. It’s nice to sleep under the covers for a change! Watering the garden this morning I noticed some plants – young lavenders mainly, looking a bit scorched so hoping a day out of the burning sun and a bit of TLC will bring them back to lush life.

Went to the car boot yesterday – NOTHING. Wandered round and absolutely nothing grabbed me. I look for things to do up and make over. Huh. It was all chicken scratch. And *new* cheapo market stuff. Huge bottles of no-name detergent and rolls of bin bags. Don’t want cheapy spuddy stuff like that.

Got home and made a chicken curry and, don’t ask me how,  I managed to cover my hands in turmeric. Looked like I’d got jaundice or Yellow Fever or something mad like Goldfinger. Curry was yum-yum though. Made a big mixed salad to go with it – raw, finely chopped garlic, cucumber, spinach, cherry toms, red pepper, scallions and  a spritz and a sprinkle of olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

I’d made a big bottle of iced tea with passion fruit the night before. Want to make your own? Just make up a big pot of tea with a couple of teaspoons of sugar. Pour it into a jug to cool then add passion fruit or other (natural, not made from concentrate) fruit juice to your taste. Chill or pour into tall glasses and top with ice. Very refreshing.

Spent some time in the evening making a couple of pocket boxes. They’re not really boxes – they don’t have lids but with a little ingenuity you could easily knock one up. They are cute, though.

My son is coming to stay in Aug and I want to make something fun for him. He l.o.v.e.s jelly beans so will make up some icing bag cones from origami paper, fill them with JBs  and stick them down with washi tape. I used to put these cones made from wrapping paper in the kids’ school lunches filled with raisins or sultanas. Maybe I’ll write up the How-To. Maybe. Am busier than a one legged man in an arse-kicking competition and keep starting new projects before finishing the last one(s). Have loads of UFOs. UnFinished Objects, that is. I am having stern words with myself but the la-la-la-I’m-not-listening-fingers (now bright yellow) keep plugging my ears up.

Anyway, the cones will then go in  the pocket box to look The Awesome because I will design some schnizzle-your-nizzles background papers especially for him AND will order a set of inks to replace the dead and dying ones in my printer to print them out with. I’m getting the alerts every time I send something to print even though I’m using black only and it’s the other colours that have nearly run out. It’s very annoying.

Like my sewing machine. I have a shit-hot sewing machine. Janome 11,000 Memory Craft. It’s brilliant. Except for bobbin management. It tells me the bobbin is running out and I swear there’s enough to get to the moon and back when it first starts. It emits this high-pitched bib-bib-bib noise when I start sewing AND displays a lame visual on its little screen every time to give me or the hard of thinking a bigger clue as to what there might be a problem with.

Bib-bib-bib. Stop to adjust something?  Bib-Bib-Bib. Stop to make a snip or a turn? Bib-Bib-Bib. Eventually, I’ll check the bobbin and spend 20 minutes unravelling it and throwing away half a spool of cotton, swearing and cursing at the f***ing sensor software management. It makes me want to ‘correct it’ in a  Delbert O’ Grady kind of way. Then lock it in the pantry and treat it like a food mixer. See how it likes that.

Listening to radio Nova this morning. Love the radio on in summer. Pearl Jam ‘Alive’ came on. That track just rocks. So cool.  There’s a live version of Pearl Jam performing this track  in Holland on You Tube – absolutely epic.

Anyway, here’s the link to the pocket box instructions should you want to make some for yourself. I’ve written them up, created the graphics and layout in PS  / AI for my own reference but happy to share. Usual stuff – got to subscribe, etc,  but it’s free.

Pocket Box Instructions - Free PDF

Free PDF Pocket Box Instructions PDF

And here comes the sun!

Cheery Byes!

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