A froggy came a wooing

Here is the beauuuutiful froggy birdbath. It’s already had some use – there was a squabble going on down the bottom of the garden, a real clattering and hopping and some proper Chav or Jerry Springer squawking in the face going on, late yesterday afternoon. It was over a couple of strawberries I’d thrown down there. It didn’t last long and nor did the strawberries. Next time I looked, there was a circle of them around the rim of the birdbath all dipping their beaks and throwing their heads back having a good drink.

Just looked out of the window and Mr Blackbird is out there  having a drink now. He’s looking very portly these days – a very a well fed, well-to-do gentleman and so is his good lady wife. Happy days.


And here is the little set of drawers box. It’s perfect for keeping little things in. Pins, clasps, thimbles, that sort of thing, and will look pretty on the windowsill of infinity (sadly, not true and will have to re-organise the windowsill, it’s getting a bit cluttered).

Anyway, the sun is up and it’s already very warm… think it’s going to be another scorcher. Hel


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