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Mondegreens: bananas with catsturd.

Today has been a bit… dull. So have played around and finished off or tweaked things started a while ago to keep myself occupied. Like this typography. Inspired by graphic designer, Steve Bonner.

And my beautiful cat (now in spirit) in a cup of coffee.


And just messing with meringue nests on pasta wheels….


And fruit with zips in.

If anyone is interested in how to do any of the above, let me know and I’ll write up the toots – so long as you know they’ll be in Photoshop and / or Illustrator, (CS5).

Went for a drive about, listening to the radio, was struck by how many lyrics I mishear until I really listen to them.
No idea who sings this but you’ll know the track – been around for years: “Baby, we were born to run”. I singalong happily with “Baby, we were born too young”. Pure nonsense but never questioned it.

And the Mamas and the Papas  “This is dedicated to the one I love” – Has always been dedicated to his one-eyed love. A touching declaration of love for a visually impaired girlfriend, or so I thought.

What about Bad Company and the ‘Feel like making love’?  Really wouldn’t mistake a guy’s intentions on that subject, would you? Unless you thought he had some obsession for fashion accessories and felt like making gloves. ‘Baby, when I think about you, I think about gloves’. What a lucky girlfriend. I bet she has a pair for every occasion.

And the Eagles who rail against that woman with her Lion Eyes? She can’t help it! And, if she’s trying to keep an alternative identity secret, the Eagles aren’t helping, are they,  CAT WOMAN?!

Anyhoo. all examples of Mondegreens: (Wikipedia: A mondegreen is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. It most commonly is applied to a line in a poem or a lyric in a song).

I was also struck by how many men are singing about suffering from  fevers and burnings and temperatures that would have them dashing to ER.  There really is a pandemic of hyperthermia raging on the radio. Though there was one notable exception today;  Jimi Hendrix. He actually WANTED to stand by the fire. That’s cos he’s just cool, though, lol.

I am bored.

Off to make something to eat – thinking bananas and catsturd – and might be back later. Be good and play nicely.


Digi stuff, Free

Free retro tableware Photoshop & PSE (.abr) brushes



Saw these retro designs on a site called No Pattern Required but they were spoiled by black marks throughout them. They were being offered as a freebie and I downloaded them to embroider some napkins. But, I think you’ll agree, they’re very sweet and deserving of a new lease of life so I cleaned them up and converted them into Photoshop/PSE brushes.
They’re full of personality and fun. Hope you enjoy.

Free Tableware PSE/PE brushes

FREE PS /  PSE Tableware brushes (.ABR)




A froggy came a wooing

Here is the beauuuutiful froggy birdbath. It’s already had some use – there was a squabble going on down the bottom of the garden, a real clattering and hopping and some proper Chav or Jerry Springer squawking in the face going on, late yesterday afternoon. It was over a couple of strawberries I’d thrown down there. It didn’t last long and nor did the strawberries. Next time I looked, there was a circle of them around the rim of the birdbath all dipping their beaks and throwing their heads back having a good drink.

Just looked out of the window and Mr Blackbird is out there  having a drink now. He’s looking very portly these days – a very a well fed, well-to-do gentleman and so is his good lady wife. Happy days.


And here is the little set of drawers box. It’s perfect for keeping little things in. Pins, clasps, thimbles, that sort of thing, and will look pretty on the windowsill of infinity (sadly, not true and will have to re-organise the windowsill, it’s getting a bit cluttered).

Anyway, the sun is up and it’s already very warm… think it’s going to be another scorcher. Hel


3D, Buy

Three storey house

This house is really quick and easy to make up. Can’t go wrong. Lots of window frames to cut out and stick on but that’s part of the fun. The roof has lots of fish-scale cuts and a flouncy scalloped edging. It stands taller than most of my houses but that’s intentional. I want it as a backdrop for my Christmas arrangement when the time comes. I shall soon have a new town scene ready for some spritzing and glass glitter sprinkling to sit on my winter hearth to sparkle and glow…

Am selling it for €6.00. Usual arrangement – payment to be made through Pay Pal (which will convert currencies, etc) and the electronic template will be sent to the e-mail address of the Pay-Pay account holder – unless directed to do otherwise.

You will need a cutting machine and software, eg, Silhouette, Cameo, Craft Robo, Silver Bullet, Black Cat Cougar, etc that can work with SVG file formats. If you need a different file format, eg, GSD, DXF, .AI, etc, please contact me and I will convert the file for you.

Three-storey, 3D house:

Click here to buy the file 3 storey house (€ [price])

Thanks for looking

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