The lightshade recovered from a ripping tale

A quick picture of the lightshade re-covered to match the headboard and the lavender sachet hearts.

It’s made in four pieces to go around the frame. The template for the cutting and sewing was a simple job of using a stitch ripper to cut the old shade free from the wire skeleton,  taking it apart and using one section to draw around.

That was easy enough to do – just pinned it down and drew around the piece on some brown paper then marked up the the seam allowance, etc. I cut the pieces out of fabric, stitched the four pieces together and the basic shade was done.

To attach it to the wire, I hot glued down the vertical struts of the frame and aligned the four vertical seams to it. I rolled the bottom and top seam allowance over the top and bottom of the frame and handstitched them in place. I kept the tasseled fringing from the original and just hot glued them to the top and bottom.

You may have noticed that I have been using the same prop for my pictures lately. It’s a lovely kitchen dresser that I got from (yet another) auction. It has been painted in a satin-sheen cream colour and is waiting for its room to be made ready. It may go in my sewing room but we haven’t decided yet. I love it. When it’s finally up I’ll take a photo and show it in all its lovely glory.

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