Sachets, a bad business

An old lady told me once  ‘Sachets – they’re a bad business’ . She informed me of this in a dark, conspiratorial, Miss Marple manner but to this day I have no clue what she was referring to. (Also reminds me of a snatch of conversation I overheard on a train  ‘You can get pregnant like that, you know’!! The mind boggles.) The sachet business was never made explicit and maybe for good reason. All I know is that it was VERY dark. Enigmatic, intriguing with all possible explanation and understanding  now lost in the dislocation of time. But, it’s  a kind of catchphrase in our house and Mr Tree and I will often cite those words when confronted with a sachet provocateur! It lives on – though maybe the sachet recipient wasn’t so lucky? Who knows?!

Anyway, that preamble is just a lead-in to my latest post. I thought I had used up all my dried lavender and found a little bag of some in the back of my sewing room drawers. Yes, I am that posh and have special drawers depending on the room I’m in but it can be disconcerting to shift my bottom and feel a lump down there… I don’t know how well my little  joke translates but I’ll explain… ‘drawers’ is used here as an innuendo based on the meanings of drawers as in the drawers of a cupboard and drawers as in knickers… So, just waffling.

So, I  made another couple of bad-business lavender sachets and used up oddments of ecru cotton lace and other scraps and bits and mad cat buttons. They’re fun and will disappear into my other drawers and wardrobes to keep them smelling sweet! I think they’re lovely but then I love cats as you probably know.

Having a slow day, today. Or maybe it’s the heat. Just not used to it here! For the second day running the sun is beating down. Am ready to pack up my bits and get out in the garden with a long drink in a Guiness pint glass with chunky star-shaped ice cubes to chink around for that ‘summer sound’, lol.

The birds have got down to Speedos with Raybans and are sunning themselves on the shed roof. Next door’s cat is stretched on the wall with her eyes shut, soaking up the rays. My old cat would love this weather; he’d soon find a comfy spot in dappled sunshine to curl up and have a good sleep. Brilliant comfy spot detection.

On that note I hope you enjoy the day wherever you are.


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