Couple more sachets, folksy this time

You’d think that a star as big as the sun wouldn’t be hard to find, would you? But that’s the big question of the day. Where’s it gone? We’ve lost it. Can’t keep a hold of it. Must be all the dairy we make in Ireland – butter fingers! Here we are, the start of a three-day bank holiday weekend and the sky looks like dribbly misery. Forget fifty shades of grey, make it a hundred and fifty. Gah!

I finished off my lavender with some folksy sachets. The big one was made months ago but I never did anything with it. The little one is based on its big brother. There are lots of quilty and decorative stitch details – I love the one  on the roof – gives the effect of  sooty birds feet have walked all over it. There are beads and applique work as well. The hearts, ‘windows’ and ‘doors’ were cut from some material I got from Ikea a good while ago.

They were good fun to make and can just hang in my sewing room to jolly it up and smell nice. I love lavender. My garden has lots of it. I also have honeysuckle, rosemary, mint, thyme and sweet peas for a perfumed garden… When the weather is nice and they’re all out, it’s lovely to sit out early evening and take in all the beautiful scents wafting about.

Obviously that’s not too often here.

Just showing a close up of the beads on the little one. Some shiny bugles around the door and those little love beads that hippies used to wear in a gorgeous inky blue.

Blue –  the colour of the sky legend tells we once had…?

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