Apple pie order

Mr Tree has a birthday coming up soon and the tablet he wanted for a present came today. I knew it had to have a sleeve to keep it clean and scratch-free and I had just the fabric to make it from. Isn’t the material awesome?!  Lovely cotton , and with a fiver off, I’m going to be getting some more of it before it all goes. It’s fully lined with a layer of wadding between the outer fabric and matching lining. All made off the cuff  – no pattern, just a tote bag lined like a bag within a bag – you know the  design, just made to measure the device.

I didn’t have a button that went with it. So, it had to be the cover-to-match solution.

I covered a button in matching fabric and used the buttonhole foot to make the buttonhole. It makes a brilliantly neat and easy job of it. A scalpel made the slit between the lines of stitching to open up the buttonhole.

All done. The button fits the button hole and the tablet fits the sleeve. No last minute hilarity of going through all that to find it didn’t fit. Thank my giddy aunt.  Now, fingers crossed that Mr Tree likes it.

Have a great evening.


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