Switchplate makeovers

Heylo again!

Remember the expression: ‘To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail’? Me again. Hammer in the morning. Hammer in the evening. All over this land. Having had rewiring done, I wanted the lightswitch plates customised. And, having sat down with Illustrator to make a switch cover template, I was off like a dose of salts.

The one above was made using a design I created in Illustrator about a year ago then saved as a brush in Photoshop…


A free PS pattern….


A double lightswitch with a graphic I created based on a free design posted on Craftsmanspace (used the graphic in one of my postings last month)..


and my favourite:

A picture by Rosina Wachtmeister. I collect RW bits and pieces, from T-towels, to prints to ceramics and had this one as a print. I scanned it to use as the image for this gorgeous lightswitch cover.


If you want to know how to do this, Google for lightswitch makeovers and you’ll find gazillions of ideas and the tips and techniques for making your own. All you need is an image, scissors and some Modge Podge – and basic understanding of electrical safety and where the circuit breaker is….

Please don’t fry or turn to toast making one of these – ensure you know what you’re doing with electricity before removing or connecting the switch plates back on. … I’d hammer out danger… I’d hammer out a warning…..

I can post the template online, if you want it, but I’m sure you know how to create your own. Up to you!

You get the idea. Well, I have many more to do…. so I’m off for now. Byeeee

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