Sunny days

The sun has been shining and the weather has been glorious! We’ve had days of beautiful weather and it’s put everybody in a good mood. It’s so lovely to get a load of washing on the line and get that wonderful fresh smell from laundry dried in the open air. I did replace the mad washing machine, btw, the defiant one that had to be coaxed into a wash programme instead of a quick spin… This one actually washes without any fuss or bother.

I’ve been planting and digging… have planted a gooseberry bush down the bottom of the garden in the hope of making gooseberry yoghurt (got one of those electric jobbies for this) later in the summer. Fingers crossed. I even bought one of those Fiscar’s dandelion digger-uppers. Wow!! I lost count of the number of dandelions on my lawns (front and back) but this gadget is brilliant. Got all I could see out within half an hour. Next day, the lawn had sprouted another sprinkling of yellow heads all over the shop but I went out and got them pulled up in about 10 mins or so. I can see a few again today but the numbers are diminishing significantly. Soon, it will be a quick and easy maintenance job.

It’s also environmentally friendly – very conscious that this is nesting season and I have God-knows how many birdies in the thick hedges along the sides and bottom of the garden AND those little lawn daisies in the grass. Some people treat them as weeds and like them eradicated along with dandelions. I don’t. I think they make the grass look sweet and pretty. Anyhow, I don’t like using chemical weed killers just in case…

I’ve also dead-headed my hydrangeas. They look so awful with big pom-poms of brown dead flower heads but you can’t really cut them off until you’re sure there’s no threat of frost. They were looking painfully shabby like Miss Haversham’s wedding flowers. Now they’re green and budding getting ready to spring into full HD colour!

Anyway, make hay while the sun shines, as they say. It’s nice to sit out with a cup of tea and look down the garden. Buddha always looks so serene and and it’s nice to share that peace with him. Hope this weather keeps up.

Hope you’re enjoying good weather where you are, too.

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