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Granny’s bonnet got a gussy up!

Howdy partners!

Remember the lightshade cover I made from left over Ikea curtain fabric? It’s been gussied up with some charity shop beads. Lightshade .  I went for a wander round some charity shops looking for beads and bits to frou-frou it up a bit – some nice bling for decoration… and found some to fit the bill perfectly. Three ‘sets’ of beads of the same colour strung on a licorice shoelace-y type string for €3. There were 12 ribs to my lightshade so it worked out that I could alternate some smoky greys with some black ones and keep a set of six clear ones for something else.

Not bad, eh?!

Also got a little jar of buttons – over fifty of them. The jar is nice to have, too. It’s been re-purposed from one of those cheap scented candles in jars that you see in cheapy shops. The candles aren’t usually very nice but the jars are. Anyhow, the buttons!

They’re really nice. Got a sort of stone finish to them. Very tactile and interesting. And a bargain! At €2 I couldn’t leave them behind. AND they might just give me the impetus to finish what is now the saga of the sock monkeys. I’ve had two of them nearly finished for an age now.

All I have left is to stitch on arms, tails, ears and mouth with a couple of button eyes and they’re done. I probably need a good hard kick up the ar*e like Bishop Brennan to get me back on the case. Trouble is, I’m easily distracted and get bored very quickly -always want to be doing something different.

Meh. Am as motivated as a molehill.

Anyhoo… must run like hell to sell some ukeleles! (The Apprentice last night! LOL!)


Chimney vase makeover

Hello Dare!

Remember the vase I posted about a while ago? Chimney Vase. It just wasn’t pretty. And remember how I use the saying ‘To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail’? That’s me with a tin of Rustoleum. The flat brown had to go. I had a tin of vibrant red so I was armed and ready with my finger on the trigger. I didn’t want the whole vase sprayed red though so I applied Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a mask on the areas I wanted to leave untouched.  I left it to dry then washed it with hot soapy water to get the Vaseline off and it turned out real good! Shiny and gorgeous. It may have been worth the €50 or €60 to somebody as it was but I wouldn’t have sold it so it had to have a makeover to stay in the house. Now it pops and looks good in my home, don’tcha think??!!


Sunny days

The sun has been shining and the weather has been glorious! We’ve had days of beautiful weather and it’s put everybody in a good mood. It’s so lovely to get a load of washing on the line and get that wonderful fresh smell from laundry dried in the open air. I did replace the mad washing machine, btw, the defiant one that had to be coaxed into a wash programme instead of a quick spin… This one actually washes without any fuss or bother.

I’ve been planting and digging… have planted a gooseberry bush down the bottom of the garden in the hope of making gooseberry yoghurt (got one of those electric jobbies for this) later in the summer. Fingers crossed. I even bought one of those Fiscar’s dandelion digger-uppers. Wow!! I lost count of the number of dandelions on my lawns (front and back) but this gadget is brilliant. Got all I could see out within half an hour. Next day, the lawn had sprouted another sprinkling of yellow heads all over the shop but I went out and got them pulled up in about 10 mins or so. I can see a few again today but the numbers are diminishing significantly. Soon, it will be a quick and easy maintenance job.

It’s also environmentally friendly – very conscious that this is nesting season and I have God-knows how many birdies in the thick hedges along the sides and bottom of the garden AND those little lawn daisies in the grass. Some people treat them as weeds and like them eradicated along with dandelions. I don’t. I think they make the grass look sweet and pretty. Anyhow, I don’t like using chemical weed killers just in case…

I’ve also dead-headed my hydrangeas. They look so awful with big pom-poms of brown dead flower heads but you can’t really cut them off until you’re sure there’s no threat of frost. They were looking painfully shabby like Miss Haversham’s wedding flowers. Now they’re green and budding getting ready to spring into full HD colour!

Anyway, make hay while the sun shines, as they say. It’s nice to sit out with a cup of tea and look down the garden. Buddha always looks so serene and and it’s nice to share that peace with him. Hope this weather keeps up.

Hope you’re enjoying good weather where you are, too.

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Happy stuffs!

It’s my son’s girlfriend’s birthday next week so I’ve made a card and some bubbly jubblies  to go with a pretty present (or two!) for her. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and am hoping that they’ll come over this summer some time.

You’ll recognise the Pure Innocence girl stamp, naturally. The card and envelope were both embossed with my favourite embossing folder – I cannot remember the name of it but if you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll look it out for you.

I used my sunflower pop-up to decorate the inside of the card: (http://sunflower). Sunflowers are awesome. Fabulous and so aptly named. I grew some from seeds and planted them in the garden just this week. Fingers crossed they all survive and I have my pretty maids all in a row brightening up the hedge at the bottom of the garden in a few months!


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Switchplate makeovers

Heylo again!

Remember the expression: ‘To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail’? Me again. Hammer in the morning. Hammer in the evening. All over this land. Having had rewiring done, I wanted the lightswitch plates customised. And, having sat down with Illustrator to make a switch cover template, I was off like a dose of salts.

The one above was made using a design I created in Illustrator about a year ago then saved as a brush in Photoshop…


A free PS pattern….


A double lightswitch with a graphic I created based on a free design posted on Craftsmanspace (used the graphic in one of my postings last month)..


and my favourite:

A picture by Rosina Wachtmeister. I collect RW bits and pieces, from T-towels, to prints to ceramics and had this one as a print. I scanned it to use as the image for this gorgeous lightswitch cover.


If you want to know how to do this, Google for lightswitch makeovers and you’ll find gazillions of ideas and the tips and techniques for making your own. All you need is an image, scissors and some Modge Podge – and basic understanding of electrical safety and where the circuit breaker is….

Please don’t fry or turn to toast making one of these – ensure you know what you’re doing with electricity before removing or connecting the switch plates back on. … I’d hammer out danger… I’d hammer out a warning…..

I can post the template online, if you want it, but I’m sure you know how to create your own. Up to you!

You get the idea. Well, I have many more to do…. so I’m off for now. Byeeee

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