Love at first site

I was inspired to make this card after seeing one made by Mary from another site. She, in turn, had been inspired to make her own version after seeing another on the web.  Guess it was love at first site!

White on white and the pretty edging gives it the fresh look of laundered Broderie Anglaise petticoats. This one is for a late May birthday and should be a delight. I hope so!

May is still changeable with hooley winds and cold rain but I have been getting the garden ready for the summer (hoping that we get one this year). The birds are nesting happily. We have hedge sparrows and robins as well as blackbirds, songthrushes and others.

We call our latest blackbird Anton Du Beake because of the way he cuts a dash across the lawn in his smart black tails… don’t blackbirds have a sweet tooth – or beak? They love sultanas – they’re like crack cocaine to them, I swear. Every time I make cakes with dried fruit I throw out a good handful and Anton fills his beak and comes back for more until they’re all gone.

Then we have the three little maids (though they are probably male and probably not the same three that swoop in for fly-by snacks every time). These are starlings that seem to come in threes, anyhow. We call them Pritti Sing (note the play on words there?!), Peep Bo and Yum Yum.

Now that we have a pair of robins – obviously a mated pair – who are either egg sitting or chick tending, we call them Robin redbreast and Bobbing Bedrest.

When I was getting up the dandelions with my Fiskars gadget I could hear the birds chittering and whistling in the trees. Sounded like something very exciting was going on. The minute my back was turned, they had swooped down and were wandering around the garden poking at the little holes looking for worms. And the squabbles that break out when one finds a juicy worm and another one tries to pinch it! Break it up lads! I’ll take my red and yellow cards out with me next time.

Changing the subject, do you ever watch The Apprentice? Where do they get their contenders from? Egos the size of hot air balloons. Loved the line last week ‘we’ve got to run like hell to sell these ukeleles’ – not something I could ever imagine a shit-hot executive coming out with.

I keep promising myself I won’t get sucked in to another series but I watch one installment and I’m hooked. Am sure the contestants have to have a hyper-inflated sense of self to make the show watchable. If they were all modest and retiring it wouldn’t be much of a show. It needs us to really like and really dislike individuals to keep us tuning back in to see how they get on. Remember the ‘you got talked into a tube of jelly beans’ line? and the winner from 2007 (?) who profiled his target demographic into the very succinct ‘he’s definitely the kind of bloke who waxes his ‘back, sac, crack and definitely shaves his balls’?. Mr Tree rolled his eyes at that one, I can tell you. Lines like that are priceless!

Still, they can all talk the talk. And they’d all  gouge their grannies hernias out with a wooden spoon to win, I’m sure. Maybe I should try a more aggressive approach myself: Get in my way and I’ll stand on your corns or kick your bunions. Baggsy may have claimed ‘I’m not a pony, I’m a field of ponies’ but I’m an angry mutated sea bass, so there! Grrrrrowllll, burble, burble, bubble, blop.

Till the next time.


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