Happy stuffs!

It’s my son’s girlfriend’s birthday next week so I’ve made a card and some bubbly jubblies  to go with a pretty present (or two!) for her. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and am hoping that they’ll come over this summer some time.

You’ll recognise the Pure Innocence girl stamp, naturally. The card and envelope were both embossed with my favourite embossing folder – I cannot remember the name of it but if you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll look it out for you.

I used my sunflower pop-up to decorate the inside of the card: (http://sunflower). Sunflowers are awesome. Fabulous and so aptly named. I grew some from seeds and planted them in the garden just this week. Fingers crossed they all survive and I have my pretty maids all in a row brightening up the hedge at the bottom of the garden in a few months!


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