Granny’s bonnet got a gussy up!

Howdy partners!

Remember the lightshade cover I made from left over Ikea curtain fabric? It’s been gussied up with some charity shop beads. Lightshade .  I went for a wander round some charity shops looking for beads and bits to frou-frou it up a bit – some nice bling for decoration… and found some to fit the bill perfectly. Three ‘sets’ of beads of the same colour strung on a licorice shoelace-y type string for €3. There were 12 ribs to my lightshade so it worked out that I could alternate some smoky greys with some black ones and keep a set of six clear ones for something else.

Not bad, eh?!

Also got a little jar of buttons – over fifty of them. The jar is nice to have, too. It’s been re-purposed from one of those cheap scented candles in jars that you see in cheapy shops. The candles aren’t usually very nice but the jars are. Anyhow, the buttons!

They’re really nice. Got a sort of stone finish to them. Very tactile and interesting. And a bargain! At €2 I couldn’t leave them behind. AND they might just give me the impetus to finish what is now the saga of the sock monkeys. I’ve had two of them nearly finished for an age now.

All I have left is to stitch on arms, tails, ears and mouth with a couple of button eyes and they’re done. I probably need a good hard kick up the ar*e like Bishop Brennan to get me back on the case. Trouble is, I’m easily distracted and get bored very quickly -always want to be doing something different.

Meh. Am as motivated as a molehill.

Anyhoo… must run like hell to sell some ukeleles! (The Apprentice last night! LOL!)

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