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Hello  Dare!

A quick and easy tutorial today on how to sew little heart shaped sachets. These are perfect for Christmas fairs, ‘Thank You’ teacher type gifts and so on.  You can make them fairly small and use oddments of fabric or go as big as you can for statement pieces. I’m giving away a PDF template for three different types of heart: Asymmetric, Basic and Primitive – you can scale them up or down to suit yourself.

I’m making mine to accessorize a room makeover. You’ve seen the headboard in the post below. The mount board is still awaiting a second coat of paint before the headboard itself can be glued and screwed back in place – I’ll post a pic when it’s ready.  We have a bank holiday weekend so we get three days to do some work and I think it will be done by Monday. That’s my plan, anyway! I’ve also re-covered a lightshade with some more of the remnant and there’s precious little left to do much more with now.  Again, will post a pic when the headboard is finished. Am quite pleased with progress though. We’re painting a dresser and some wardrobe doors as well as the walls and buying new curtains and some lamps and other bits so there’s a fair bit to do.

Anyway, the hearts have come out lovely and there’s a bunch of them to play with. Maybe a garland. Not sure. I have the candelabra that I posted recently – was thinking of hanging a few from that and then draping it with ‘jewels’ so it drips with some bling. I will have a play and see what works for me.

Onto the tutorial:

Download the template. Cut two pieces of your chosen heart.

1. If you want to add a length of ribbon or other notion to embellish your heart, arrange them on the right side of one of your pieces.

2. Place the second heart shape on top (right sides together) and pin in place, making sure you catch the ribbon or other notions.

3. Sew around the template leaving the all-important gap that will be used to open it out in a minute.

4. Trim off any excess ribbon or lace, etc.

5. Clip around the curved bits and cut a straight snip across the tip of the heart making sure you don’t cut through your stitching! This is to cut down on bulk and make for a smoother heart shape when it gets turned the right way out.

6. Turn your heart the right way out and use something like a bone tool – something smooth but tapered to push the curves through and define the heart shape neatly without poking a hole through the seam.

Roll the edges between your first finger and thumb (damp them  with a tiny dip in water or lick them!) to really define the shape then press with a hot iron. I press mine through a linen tea towel on ‘Hot’ with a short blast of steam. Fold in the opening so that it follows the line of the heart and press that down as well.

7. Fill with herbs or lavender or other scented oils. I folded a couple of pieces of paper; one to act as a funnel and the other to catch the spillage which then becomes the funnel… you get the idea.

8. To save on the amount of lavender or if you want yours for decoration only without any scent, add or fill your heart with toy stuffing or pillow stuffing, something soft and squidgy, anyway.

9. When it’s nicely plump, hand stitch (over or whipstitch the opening).

10. Time for a bit of bling, if you want to swish it up a bit. Beads, buttons, bows. Whatever takes your fancy.

11. I’ve added a chiffon bow for a final touch to glam mine up. Just a simple bow, stitched through the knot in the middle to secure it and fix  to the heart.

There, all very quick and easy.

To download a copy of the templates, register and click on the link:

Sachet heart template PDF

Have fun making some yourself now.

Hel x


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