Cherry blossoms and butterflies

Hello to the lot of yers!

I have my washing on the line, drying in beautiful sunshine tickled with a light breeze. Two loads. When I put the second load out I took handfuls of the nearly dry stuff hanging out there and pressed it up to my nose for a good, deep sniff. Oh, gorgeous! For years I have used Lenor – it’s blue – April something? And from time to time, Bold’s two-in one lavender and camomile. My absolute favourites. I did a load with each of them this morning. It’s smelly heaven for me.

The garden is starting to bloom and come alive with colour! I never used to like African Marigolds that much but I have big clumps of them growing with French Lavender against a backdrop of indigo blue pots and bunches and bunches of Lily of the Valley… and they look just fantastic! I can’t help myself from stopping just to gaze at them.

Saw a Cabbage White this morning. Just doodling about as they do. Maybe not such a welcome sight for the farmers and vegetable growers but its wings were a radiant white against the verdant green of the hedge. I have two apple trees, an eater and a cooker and they’re in blossom, looking white and frothy like communion frocks. All so, so lovely.

As Florence Shinn would say ‘Look with wonder at all that is before you’. See things with fresh eyes and give thanks for being alive to drink the beauty of the day.

When summer hints that it’s on its way, I get the urge to make butterflies. Every year. This year I have made a pop-up card based on the butterfly I  featured in my last posting. It’s nearly there. I just need to tweak it a little to get it exactly as I want but you’ll get the idea from the picture. I’ll probably sell the template and put it up for sale in a day or two.

Until then, hope you’re getting lovely weather and enjoying it to the full.

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