Butterfly pop up card with cherry blossom cut-outs

There. Finished tweaking it.

The card front is a variation of the design I posted about the other day (Love at first site). You’ll see I used my latest butterfly design and changed the embossing folders for the backing mat and central strip.

Added a few cherry blossom cut outs to the inner mat. But I may remove them again. Not sure if I like them or not. They’re hard to photograph so the picture doesn’t do them justice but I still am not convinced they go with the rest of the design. They seem to clash with the design at the sides. So, should they stay or should they go now?? C’mon and let me know. Should they stay or should they go?

(**Just looked at it again – they gotta go**)

Modded the butterfly with a few more doodlies around the wings for extra prettiness. And I used another precious sheet of harder-to-get-than-rocking-horse-poo Conqueror Concept paper in metallic champagne. My reserves are shrinking… and then what? sob sob

Anyway, the card turned out nicely (despite the Anita’s brown card – just not nice)  and it’ll  keep it for the next birthday or whatever occasion comes along. Now to get on.  Can’t sit here all pom poms, twiddles and belly buttoneering all day.  You know if you fiddle with your belly button your bum will unscrew, don’t you? I had an uncle who used to say that to me when I was little.

Now where are those ukeleles?

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