Just posting a quickie about some Ikea curtains I got recently. I was going to make some from scratch but saw a pair that grabbed me and were pretty cheap. Miles too long for my window meant lots of left-over material.

I stripped an old lightshade and recovered it using some of the off-cut. Here it is, edged with some haberdashery trim. It was just a rectangle of fabric stitched up the side to make a short ‘tube’ .

I  turned and stitched down each end, one with black lacy stuff stitched across one edge and the top end left open to thread through either some elastic or string to tie and gather the shade.

It was secured to the frame of the lightshade with simple but tidy stitching (by hand) through the fabric top then the bottom. You could hot-glue it if you wanted to be really quick but my hot glue reaches temperatures far above the melting point of my skin and I try to avoid using it if I can, (Operant conditioning, I believe, lots of negative reinforcement – serious aversion therapy).  I love that it looks a bit ‘granny’s bonnet’ but modern and well funky in the Ikea fabric.

I also cut away the curtain top to remove the gromits or slip-rings as I think they might be called. Just don’t like them.  I had some curtain tape and used that for the curtain gather – a good tip should you ever find the threads in curtain tape get pulled out is to use extra-long doll makers’ needles to ‘stitch’ them back.

Finally, though no picture to show you as my camera battery died right after the lightshade pic, I made a quick cloth covering for the grotty table next to my desk. I keep my Cougar and cutting mat on it.

So a pair of curtains, a lightshade, a table cloth and there’s still enough fabric left to make a cushion or two. All for… hmmm not sure… I think €30.

Not bad, eh?

Now off to research (Google? Yes) Annie Sloan chalk paints and waxes for a major project – the kitchen units. The units are in good condition but the colour is a bit orange in a bad way, (think David Dickinson).

Also, they’re solid wood, oak, maybe, definitely not pine and not veneers. To replace them with as good quality is beyond my budget at the moment. A make-over is my only option.

An Annie Sloan tutorial on You Tube has given me the confidence to tackle them so just making sure I have all the equipment and read all the pros, cons and experiences of others to guide me before I commit to the big change!

Am nervous but excited and dying to get started but best get the duckies in a row first.




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