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It’s a sunny start to the day. Hope this augers well but, as I remember, spring last year was quite warm and it turned into the coldest, wettest summer we’ve had in 30 years. If only I had Mystic Meg’s (Septic Peg’s) powers to read the tealeaves then I would know what this summer will be like. But I don’t!

All the same, I’m getting ready for a nice summer’s day, dreaming about home made cream scones, roast  beef (Irish) and mustard sandwiches with tea on the lawn, like a Betty’s tearooms in my back garden. Mr Tree and I used to visit UK and go along the North Yorkshire coast quite frequently and loved to visit Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington and always made time to go inland  to shop in York. Mr Tree knows the area fairly well having gone to York Uni some years previous.

York is lovely with its historic cobbled streets, its city walls and the little shops like the Christmas shop, the shop that sells all things feline (I love Rosina Wachtmeister’s cats) and the perfume shop in the square where you can get perfumes that have been discontinued in the high street stores and, of course, Betty’s tea rooms.

Anyhow, like I was saying before I digressed, I am already planning tea on the lawn. So what are well-dressed teapots wearing on the catwalk this year? Cute and country cotton prints in reds and blues with sweet tiny flowers, that’s what. I searched Google for a good template and didn’t find one that was a. free or b. not a giant egg-cup cover so I used my noggin and made my own.

You’ll see from the picture that The Ruffler, arch enemy of Flat Man, was called in to force him off the straight and narrow and caused a kerfuffle of a ruffle that tucked in under the curve of the teapot lid. YOWEE! Ruffled every 12 stitches! KAPOW! Folded up and stitched down in no time! The end result was knock out! No contest, The Ruffler wins the whole thing over.

I am planning on something similar for my cafetiere so they can noodle up on a pretty tea tray and make for a very attractive couple. I am hoping to write up a  tutorial and a template for the pair at some point this weekend or next. It’s good to keep for future reference should I want to make another but getting round to writing up the details is a chore. (‘Chores – what chores?’ ‘I’ll have a cup of tea, please).

On a very happy note, I have read that Graham Linehan is joining forces to co-write a TV series of Count Arthur Strong with Steve Delaney. Count Arthur is a radio comedy that I have loved for a good few years now and still chortle at his word play, misunderstandings and malapropisms. Not forgetting his one-liners: (in a store) ‘Do you need any help?’ ‘I’m perfectly capable of shopping, if I need any help I’ll send up a distress flare’. Haaar!

It reminds me of a time I went into Gap and bought a pair of jeans. On taking them to the till, the cashier asked me if I’d had any help and I said, totally disingenously, ‘No, I chose them all by myself’ and the bloke behind me in the queue burst out laughing. Or another time in M & S, having bought some trousers with Mr Tree, the young male cashier wished us a good day with a final farewell of  ‘enjoy your trousers’! Maybe he meant it in a Mr Reynholm enjoying a cup of tea way (IT Crowd) but who knows. How the winter evenings must fly by in his house.

Anyway, am looking forward to the TV series. Mr Tree and I both love Fr. Ted, The IT Crowd and Black Books and him co-writing with Steve Delaney promises to be a real comedy treat and a bloody Good Larf. Am still looking for details as to when it will be broadcast but hope it isn’t too far off. C’mon – we NEED things to laugh at in Ireland!

Have a good weekend, I’m off out for a bit to enjoy the sunshine before it disappears again.


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4 Responses to Teapot cosy

  1. Barbara says:

    Oh, my! What a treat you’d have for a visitor! You’ve got me fairly drooling over the thought of good tea, shortbread and Baileys! I haven’t had Baileys for ages. (Why not, she says to herself!) I have coveted that teapot for ages, LOL! I get Twinings emails, and one day I may treat myself to that teapot. It’s not expensive – only $7.95 USD. I think I’m having a love affair with anything red for my kitchen this year. I’ve bought a new red coffeemaker, a red SodaStream seltzer maker, and now I think I need a red teapot. I have other teapots that I never use, but I also think I need to make meself a lovely cozy with a kerfuffled ruffle. I do have a ruffler for my sewing machine, so that part’s handled, and I do have batting/wadding, so all I need is some new adorable fabric. I’ll grab a new coupon from the JoAnn’s emails one of the days, and treat myself.

    • webmaster says:

      I took more photos of the tea pot this morning after adding some felt flowers and saw it’s actually a London Pottery teapot. It is very similar to a Twinings one (I have 3 – 2 red and the small biscuity coloured one). Just saying so you don’t think I was telling fibs. My nose is fine the way it is and I don’t want it growing like Pinnochio’s!

  2. Barbara says:

    Is that the Twinings red teapot I spy in your cutest cozy with the kerfuffled ruffle? I swear I’d pop right over to your house to see this in person if I lived near you and not thousands and thousands of miles away. I’d beg a cup from that adorable pot (Twinings is my morning tea, you see) and oooh and aaaah over your cozy’s cuteness. All aliteration aside, I bow to the mistress of much magic. oops. I can’t help it. You inspire me to be aliterative for some reason! I think it must be the joy I find on your pages.

    • webmaster says:

      I do like Twinings tea along with others but Twinings is an excellent tea! Flavoursome and quintessentially English! The teapot is a Twinings AND it has an inner stainless steel infuser so all the tealeaves go in that and it makes it quick and easy to empty out. You can’t see it in the pic but it has a little lip that sits proud of the lid so it can be lifted out of the pot. That pot makes about 4 cups of tea.

      If you ever went to Betty’s Tea Rooms in York you’d get the full English tea experience but it is expensive. It was about £22.00 per person so was £50 and a bit after tipping the waitress. Very expensive…ouch

      The tea cosy is really easy to make and the wadding I used is cut from an old fleece dressing gown, two layers thick. Clean, of course! You’ll recognise the other fabrics from one of the cushions posted a wee while ago.

      You’d be very welocme to come round for a cuppa, Barbara. I’d even make some shortbread and some Irish Baileys cup cakes in your honour; reminds me, though, I need to get some ‘Baileys’ made to make them for St Patrick’s, that’s not too far away now.

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