Coming soon…Annie Bonnet Teapot Cosy

*** The template*** The requests are pouring in. Ok, someone asked me to make one for them , so groan away at the pun… I made this one this morning and here it is being modelled on my Queen of Teapots. This time in soft, spring colours of moss greens and tender pinks. It was made for a brown,  almost a chocolate brown,teapot, so should set it off a treat. I love when a template becomes familiar and making them up gets quicker and easier and the end result is rewarding.

Someone else wants a Christmas one – told you it’d be a good idea. She had a riffle through my stash and picked a lovely bird and holly fabric I bought Christmas before last and hardly used. She’d  bought a super teapot from a little shop that opened – then closed- in no time at all last summer. It’s so hard for little shops to survive the hard economy. I went in to buy the very same teapot – it was dead funky and fab – but there weren’t any left. Oh well, can only use so many teapots.

Anyway, the template is good. It works well and is easy to adapt to different sizes so all that I need to do is write up the instructions instead of having a good time in Photoshop putting posters together and playing with typography and the Warp tool… girls just gotta have fun…

Hope you are too


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2 Responses to Coming soon…Annie Bonnet Teapot Cosy

  1. Barbara says:

    Absolutely divine! No doubt about it!

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