Mad giant egg cup cosy maybe

Well, the second cafetiere got finished. It was a fraught job. It’s not intrinsically difficult but I was working in a mess and was tired and less than tremendously patient. And I stood on my quilters ruler and snapped it in half.

Anyhow, it got done but STILL looks like a Dalek in a pinny.

It’s sort of cute but sort of weird. Like a man in drag. I think maybe the cafetiere is male and I just didn’t realise it. They are all, at least all the ones I’ve seen, straight up and down. I think all teapots are ladies thoug so it must be the curves.

Then I made a giant egg cup cosy. More to have a play than a serious make of any kind. It’s wadded and quilted with lots of stitches and bits of applique. The house is way too big for any eggs or cups (unless they were Dolly Parton’s!) that we have in Ireland!  Chickens would rule the Earth if they laid eggs big enough for this cosy.

I played around with some of the stitches built into my sewing machine. I like the one on the house roof – the stitch that looks like rows and rows of birdie footprints.

The cat button is just fab. Bought from UK a few years ago.


I love the beads – I stitched them onto some shapes cut from Ikea fabric and prettied up the circle with some tiny beads. They complement the colour of the blue perfectly.

Now then. What to have for tea? I think liver and onions with new potatoes tonight. Thumbs up from Mr Tree so  in the words of Adam and the Ants , it’s time to ‘Stand and De Liver ‘  (groan – sorry).

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2 Responses to Mad giant egg cup cosy maybe

  1. Barbara says:

    Whatever it covers, it will be a delight! Did you hear me laughing all the way through? It’s nice to know you were having fun with this little cutie-pie! Dang, liver and onions sounds wonderful; haven’t had any in years.

    • webmaster says:

      Thanks, Barbara,
      Liver and onions. Very tasty. Good supply of iron to keep Aunt Flo from ravaging haemoglobin supplies! Calf and lamb’s liver is lovely but find ox liver way too strong though. Just wondering, – is the US affected by the horse meat scandal rocking Europe? Don’t know if you’ve seen anything in the news where you are but Europe is reeling from finding horse meat in processed meat products. AND we’re talking horse meat not fit for human consumption such as from horses that had been treated with certain vet drugs for disease and that shouldn’t have ever entered the food chain….

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