And now the egg cup cosies

Howdy there!

I ran out of the blue cherry daisies  fabric so popped into Hickeys at the weekend to get a bit more and some nice ribbon for yet another tea pot cosy and make a matching set of four egg cup cosies. While out, I spotted some jolly rick -rack and just knew it would be the perfect finishing touch to them all. I’m such a juggins for not having thought about rick-rack before. Cheap as chips but tremendously jolly. The only word to describe it. But enough of this speaking like I fell out of an Enid Blyton adventure…. All  I need now is to find/make a template for a cafetiere cosy and finish the set to grace a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast table.

I WILL write up the tutorials and templates. I will. It’s just boring. Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom? Try writing up a tutorial with photos or diagrams… life’s too short for tutorials more like. Meh.

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