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And now the egg cup cosies

Howdy there!

I ran out of the blue cherry daisies  fabric so popped into Hickeys at the weekend to get a bit more and some nice ribbon for yet another tea pot cosy and make a matching set of four egg cup cosies. While out, I spotted some jolly rick -rack and just knew it would be the perfect finishing touch to them all. I’m such a juggins for not having thought about rick-rack before. Cheap as chips but tremendously jolly. The only word to describe it. But enough of this speaking like I fell out of an Enid Blyton adventure…. All  I need now is to find/make a template for a cafetiere cosy and finish the set to grace a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast table.

I WILL write up the tutorials and templates. I will. It’s just boring. Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom? Try writing up a tutorial with photos or diagrams… life’s too short for tutorials more like. Meh.

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Stencilled Planter

The picture looks a bit grim as it is only February and the flowers have only  just started waking up. This is my door number, stencilled planter. The house also has a name that I’ve had to PS to avoid over-sharing across the infernet… but IRL the name is stencilled to arc above the graphic and door number graphic below. I am loving it. The vinyl was a bit fiddly to weed and some bits had to have masking tape ‘bridges’ to keep it altogether. The outer had to be masked off as well to prevent the spray paint going all over.

In principle, it’s very simple to do. I used a beautiful art nouveau graphic from Craftsmanspace and welded the number 10 to it. The name was arched over the top and the whole thing was cut out from adhesive vinyl on the Pro.

The stencil was carefully weeded and placed onto to the clean planter. For information, the pot is about 14in square, so not tiny. The Pro, like nearly all electronic cutters out there, will cut very intricate and fine detail from vinyl but it’s very difficult to manipulate skinny cuts of vinyl off a carrier sheet and onto another surface without stretching or tearing it. So, I went for a larger pot so the design could be scaled up to make the letters and pattern as big as possible.

The surrounding area of the stencil was masked off and Rustoleum spray paint was spritzed through the stencil. I gave it one coat last night and another first thing this morning. Left it to dry then peeled off the masking tape and stencil vinyl.

There is some residue left from the backing of the vinyl which I will wipe off in a couple of days when I ‘m SURE the paint  has really dried and cured.

It has transformed the planter. I’ve planted some lavender and other growing things…. (gardening is not my forté) and hope they will survive and enhance it to greater heights of loveliness! I followed the  ‘thrill, fill and spill’ rule. The thrill being the lavender that should grow taller, bushier and bloom with purple flowers, the fill being the small daisy or dandelion like blooms and the spill being the small white ones.

Obviously, it’s early days and nothing much is in bloom so it’s all looking a bit drab and dreary but hope they pick up over the next few weeks. A few sunny days without rain might help as well. Will take some better shots when things have grown a bit.

Am mad to have a go at something else now. Maybe the wheelie bins and house numbers.


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Colour my world happy

Hello Happy Peeples!

Have had a busy weekend and am starting to think ‘garden’ again. Bought a big dark grey/black planter and a tin of cream Rustoleum…. made a stencil on the Pro… you can guess where this is going! Am just waiting for the paint to dry to peel off the stencil (just sticky vinyl) and the surrounding masking tape. IF it has turned out ok I will take a pic and show you. If it looks awful and has bled under the stencil I won’t! But I will turn the pot around (it’s square) and try again on a different side…

In the meantime, have been playing in Illustrator. The letterform above has been filled and stroked and coloured in to create a carnival effect and it’s very easy to do.


1. Type a letter in the font of your choice

2. Using the Selection Tool, select it and then go to Type>Create Outlines

3. With it still selected, go to Object>Ungroup and repeat this action until the Ungroup option is greyed out, ie, all the grouped elements are free.

4. Then simply select individual elements and fill with colours and gradients to your heart’s content.

5.  In the above case, the H, the outer stroke is one continous line with two ‘inner islands’ contained within. I selected and cut these three elements, created a new layer and pasted them (using CTRL F to paste in the exact position they were cut from).  I then grouped the two inner bits.

Finally, I selected all three and used the Pathfinder>Subtract action to cut the inner bits from the outer shape. It looks exactly the same but created one continous shape that could then be filled with a pattern, solid colour, gradient etc.

I also selected the outline and went to Object>Path>Offset Path and entered -1 as the value to offset by. This gave me a second ‘outline’ just inside the outer to which I applied a different colour and stroke weight to. I repeated this again and gave it a third inner ‘outline’ and gave it a dotty stroke.

That’s all there is to it. Easy and quick, though it’s up to you how many colour variations and tiny bits there are to colour in but you can always speed things up by selecting bits (several bits if you hold down the Shift key while selecting)  and then using the Colour Dropper tool to pick the fill and stroke colours from bits you’ve already done and apply them to your selected elements.

Hope you give it a try and enjoy.


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Today is….

Or maybe I could just say ‘Love finds a way’.

Today, from the bottom of my heart I hope those of you with heavy loads, struggling with life’s burdens and wondering if you have the strength to carry them any further, believe they, too, will pass. Hand your troubles over to the Infinite Spirit and keep love in your heart. Love will set you free.

Namaste x x x


PS: Another lovely graphic from the fabulous Craftsmanspace website. Again, I took it into Photoshop and applied colour, etc, the selected elements.


Walk with the dreamers

Keeping with a positive theme here. You’ve probably noticed. No matter what, we can all do with counting our blessings, appreciating the good things in our lives and remembering to avoid the Negative Nellies, or the emotional sponges and vampires that want you to share their misery and wallow with them.

It serves no purpose. If there is no practical action you can take, all you can do is vibrate to positive energy and invite the protection of the Infinite Spirit to guide and protect those in danger.

Again, Thank You to Craftmanspace for the lovely files, templates and stencils shared on that site.

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