Round Cushion

One of my every year resolutions is to use all the bits of fabric and paper bits I have from various projects before I think about buying more. Am doing well, so far stash busting and using up lots of old  lovelies.

This cushion was made from some Ikea fabric – a bit autumnal for the spring but I’ll use it later in the year (can you believe it’s January the 8th already?!). Simple to make. I drew around a large mixing bowl and cut two circles of material. The sides… hmm normally they would be a long length of material, the measure given by the diameter of the circle times pi but you’ll see I used the ruffler foot to gather the long sides of the middle panel so it was difficult to gauge what length I needed beforehand…. I ended up sewing two lengths together and winging it. Luckily, I was nearly right and didn’t have to cut much off or waste too much.

I ruffled the side panel then pinned wrong sides together with one circle and machine stitched it down. Then I did the same to the second but left an opening to stuff it then hand-stitched (whip stitch, I think it’s called) to close it up.

The big button in the middle – a darling of mine, so big and chunky, was attached using a long needle poked through the centre (as best as I could eyeball it) and through to the other side, then backwards and forward a couple of times to reinforce it, using strong thread I could pull taut without it breaking. There we have it.

My next project is a sprocket cushion (check out the tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew here) where the top circle (at least) will be made from triangles of material joined together and stitched onto the side panel.

I have a couple of white rattan chairs in my conservatory that these round cushions will look striking and lovely set against. And lots of fabric pieces to make it colourful and pretty.

Take care and bye for now.


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