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My friend’s birthday is today and, like us, she loves to craft and sew.  I really didn’t know what to get her but knew she would appreciate something thoughtful and hand-made. Finally,  hit on the idea of a little hessian drawstring bag prettied up with some home-made fabric hearts and cotton border. The little heart-shaped button and ribbon came from a beautiful M & S bra that gave up the will to live and its underwiring in the tumble drier one day.

And inside…. lovely things, darling! Gorgeous things! I put together a few spools of ribbon from the East of India range. The spools they are wound on are objects of delight. Hardboard reels (if they could have been wood though! *Sigh*) but tough and beautiful in their modest simplicity. I always keep them and am very pleased I did. I bought a couple of metres of narrow ‘lace’ from Hickey’s haberdashery and wound it onto an empty reel and pinned it in place with a round-ended dress maker’s pin. They come in lots of colours.

Also included is a new stitch ripper, as she is forever mislaying hers, and they are so useful to have. Plus there are a few embroidery flosses, needles, fancy tiny buttons and a pin cushion I made a while ago. It’s the sort of gift I would love to receive and think she will like it too.

But back to the East of India spools! The price sticker left a rough patch on the spool where it had been affixed.  To sort that little problem, I opened Illustrator and created a label to print and stick onto the spool. Simple concentric patterns with some text typed onto a circular path with some adjustment to the kerning to get the spacing to look neat. If you want to make your own, the diameter of the spool is 80 mm and the hole in the middle is 19.5 mm.

You can always use mine:

It’s here as a .png or you can register and download it as a PS / PSE brush:

Click here to download the label graphic – you will need to register but it’s free!  Label for ribbon spool

I cut the labels out and Modge Podged them onto the spools. For good measure, I coated them with some Modge Podge on the top surface as well to make them waterproof and protect the image so that it doesn’t bleed.

See the sewing machine in the picture? It’s about 100 years old and still works. Its mechanism is smooth and makes a lovely sound when the handle is turned. I bought it a good few years ago for about €25 and they still cost around the same now! That’s of no matter. To me, it’s a thing of beauty and displayed as an ornament though it is missing a cover for the side compartment. The box is lovely, too but  hides the machine so I keep it and when I need the space, box the machine up and put it away for a bit.

Every so often I visit a local auction and sale room to see if I can get the all-in-one machine and treadle table but not lucky so far. However, I think I can get a treadle on its own so might buy it if it’s cheap enough. The treadle  has been converted into a table with a top made from a block of pine which doesn’t go at all but that can be covered with a fancy-edged table cloth. I have the perfect material – an almost sepia coloured linen with a vintage print that will do the job nicely so my plans are made!

Just look at the beautiful details! The gorgeous authentic antique  typography!


The front plate with its lovely embossed metalwork of leaves and tendrils. Still shiny and crisp.


Not so shiny! It’s old and very rusty but it’s unmistakably a Victorian (or is that Edwardian? I looked up the serial number and it is, apparently, 102 years old which would make the year of manufacture 1911… nope not Victorian, not Edwardian but Georgian! George the 5th was on the throne.) ruffler foot. That is, if the ruffler was made at the same time as the machine, of course!


And a tiny bobbin reel. Like something from the Bagpuss shop! It fits inside a solid capsule-type case in ‘the workings’ hidden from view!

They don’t make them like this any more, do they? Bet my electric machines won’t be working in a hundred years time! Still, not like I’ll be here to bother about that!

While UK seems to be covered in blankets of snow and Oz is having a heat wave even by Australian standards, we’re still just cold, wet and very windy here though it did sleet a little this morning. The forecast is for snow showers throughout the day. We shall see how it goes.

Take care wherever you are and hope you have a great weekend.



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5 Responses to Free label Photoshop brush

  1. grungy says:

    how long did it take you to learn illustrator? you do things with it that i dont know and i work as a designer!

  2. Barbara says:

    I don’t have either, Helen, but I plan to try to have a shop on Etsy, but I have to have a bit of surgery first. I’m just waiting on a date. I had the last of the tests Tuesday, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be a new woman! I just got a new Cameo, so I’m learning some new tricks with my bigger baby! I have learned so much from you, and still do. You inspire, teach, and share, and that makes you one very special lady. You make me smile a lot.

    • webmaster says:

      You must tell me more! What will your Etsy shop be selling? Hope you are excited and it becomes a happy place for you.

      When is your op? Is this for your knees? Hope all goes well.

  3. Barbara says:

    What a very great friend you are to find and give away such treasures! Anyone who sews would be ooohing and aaaahing forever over them! And your little treasure of a sewing machine? Stunning. I love it. Simply and completely adore it. Many years ago I found a tiny Singer that was meant to be for a child; also has a hand-wheel. (It isn’t nearly as old as yours, but around 50 years old now) I paid only $12 for it, and it has the original box. I took it to my sewing machine dealer who cleaned and oiled it, set the timing properly, and even found me a couple of old-style needles that will work in it. It will do a plain or a chain stitch, and it is just the sweetest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. I am so thrilled that I now have a granddaughter who will receive it one day, and I hope she treasures it as much as I do. I hope I give her the first sewing lesson of her young life in a few years. I want to give her – the gift of creativity, and the freedom to become expert at something, and a craft to love and feel great passion for. Whatever it turns out to be, I want to help her to achieve it. I want the same for my precious grandboys, but they have passions for things I know nothing about, and we live very far apart. That makes me sad, but I’ll still do what I can, because every person lives to create something.

    • webmaster says:

      Was wondering if you had a blog or website, Barbara – it would be lovely to see the baby Singer!

      I think passing on skills to your grand daughter will be something that she will treasure. Learning to create and make and personalise in this world of commercial homogenity is a fabulous gift and she will never forget her loving and giving grandmother.

      The gift of inspiration is yours to give her and I know you will give with your heart. Blessings.

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