Kittens and dandelion cushions

Hello Flowers!

Keeping away from that whole Mirror pension fund thing… don’t want to go jumping off any window ledges now, do we?! Kittens and cushions – feeling happier already.

This is a dandelion made using the cording foot, some cotton knitting yarn and a large shimmer of Angelina Fibre stitched onto a piece of linen. Angelina fibre comes in little birds nests of fibrous tangles. To use it, sandwich a little in between some greaseproof paper – tease it out to make it as dense or fine as you like – then hot- iron over the paper to melt and fuse the fibre into pieces or sheets of Angelina ‘fabric’. This was an experiment on my part and I think it would have been better teased out a bit more, but so long as it’s not as thick as a whale sandwich, it will work.

Anyhoo, I wanted to see if I could make a nice dandelion using the foot and the fibre and was pleased with the result.

So I carried on and made a cushion:

I used up a bit more stash by adding a border to it.  On the reverse is a butterfly and dandelion (the butterfly is obviously appliqued on – am happy to give the template in pdf format  for the butterfly to anyone who wants it – just subscribe and leave a comment to say you’d like it):

I also made another cushion, a bit of fun in sunshine yellow with an owl motif:

Now to kittens… something that brightened a very grey day here; a Photography newletter I subscribe to had  the loveliest picture of a kitten,  ‘smiling’ (as cat lovers know they do and see very clearly) with its eyes closed in the bliss of enjoying some sunshine.

The caption read:

It’s a kitten, the only thing in existence that is better than a cat.

It gave me a big goofy grin!

Sewing aside, am still fascinated by words.  I found that the word for ‘tank’ in German is ‘schutzengrabenvernichtungsautomobile’. Sandy Toksvig mentioned it on the News Quiz. I love the way Germans build their words, like fitting Lego bricks togther to make a composite that means exactly what they want to say. It must be very difficult to have a sustained argument in German, though, would take forever.

So, nothing else going on except for the glow of green on black screens and lines and lines and lines…..
I love to have my creative escapes.

Tara a bit!

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