Roman Numerals Clock Face Stencil

I’m making a square wooden wall clock and want a vintage, distressed shabby chic effect.

Paint or prime the surface – any surface – wood, paper, etc, with a coat of paint or primer. Let it dry.

Apply a layer of crackle glaze – mine is home-made:

Home-Made Crackle Glaze
1. Dilute (a little) some PVA glue with water and apply a layer of the glue onto a primed or painted surface.

2. Before it is dry, apply another coat of  paint (can be a different colour or same as the first coat) but make sure you apply all the strokes of paint in one direction only. As the paint and glue dry at different rates, the top surface cracks open and gives it the ‘crackle’.

Paint on the numerals. I’m going for traditional roman numerals and made a stencil in AI to make the job easier. If you want to have a go yourself, I’m giving away the stencil template as an SVG for you to cut on your Silhouette, Cameo, Cougar, Silver Bullet or whatever cutting machine you have.

I will probably cut it with stick-on vinyl and apply the paint over it. Obviously the clock will need a time-keeping mechanism but they can be bought from loads of craft shops these days – or look around your local charity and Good Will shops for old clocks that you can remove the mechanisms from.
You will then need to drill or poke a hole through the centre to feed the spindle from the front to the back then attach the hands. After that, you’re good to go. Your own hand crafted clock.

(Jan 9 Free 1) Click here (you will need to register but it is free) for the roman numerals clock face stencil:

Roman Numerals Clock Face SVG


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