Butterfly cut outs


As you know, I have been haunting Ikea like Anne Boleyn round the Tower of London  these last few weeks and saw a lovely butterfly picture – Olunda. For us with cutting machines, it’s not a difficult job to make one for ourself.

So, full of inspiration I pulled up some of my butterfly designs and modified them so that their middles would fold and their wing parts would cut. This allows the wing parts to fold back but keep the butterfly on the paper stock. Dick Dastardly Doodahs though – I had no white A3 220gsm to cut them from – only 160gsm brights and pastels. More shopping to be ventured out for. Oh! Will this pleasure never end?! I am being facetitious here, dear reader, I am done with shopping. I have broken toes, bruised shins, busted ribs and a bent back from pre-Christmas shopping. Okay, maybe the truth has been stretched but it feels like I have. And now I MUST have, I neeeeeed A3 220gsm paper.

Still I have cut it to see how it looks and check for pinches and squinches that will need a tweak for the final version. Glad to say, just tiny twinky hinky bits to attend to.

Anyway, I’m showing it to you so you can be inspired to either check out the one in Ikea or possibly even my offering and make one for yourself.

On a slightly happier note, I would have to go shopping anyway. The picture needs a deep frame to mount it and I don’t have one so will have to go hunting for one. Dublin here I come, well, Saturday morning anyway.

PS I could not believe my eyes when I saw Stephen Hawkins in the latest Go Compare advert! What on earth??!! I had to rewind, turn ‘Mute’ off and actually watch the ad! Nonplussed and totally shocked!

Have a great day and hope the year is already gearing up to be awesome for you.

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