Papier mache flowerseller

First posting for December and time really is flying now! Just three weeks to go and it seems people are going mad in the shops. Must get so-and-so something… that’s something… will get that… it’s the pressure just getting to everybody.

Thankfully,  Mr Tree and I did the big shopping last week. I am made up that I found something he’d been looking for and hadn’t been able to find so it’s the present of glory! A few bits to get but if I can’t get them, it’s no biggie. How’s that for serenity? (Or gloaty head!)

I’ve been taking my tips from the telly – can’t go wrong if you listen to the adverts, can you?  When it’s all over am going to apply to Mastermind. My specialist subject will be the various signs of skin aging and fatigue. Apparently, men have 5 signs of skin fatigue and women have 10 signs of aging.  Who knew?! Men tire but women get old!

Am laughing my head off listening to ‘I’m Sorry I haven’t a Clue’  on the radio. The panel have had to come up with the Entomologist’s Film Club selection – here are a few:

Lady Chatterley’s Larva

Born Flea

Cockroach Orange

The Bluebottle Brothers

Anyway, on to my posting for December. I made the dolly in the picture from papier mache and a little bit of paper clay for the nose and hands. The basic structure, or armature, was made from a polystyrene egg for the head and garden wire for the arms and legs. The papier mache is a mix of plain flour, water and salt with roughly torn newspaper laid down in layers over the armature. The dolly was painted with acrylics then dressed.

I’ll write it all up over the next few days as it is simple, cheap and the kids can join in. The downside is that you need some time to let it dry before you can paint or decorate, but, the end result is sweet, unique and truly yours. This dolly was the first I’d ever made and one thing I have learned is to think about the stance of the figure at the armature stage and not afterwards…

The clothes were literally bits of hessian and odd notions from  my sewing basket and cost nothing. The  flowers and little basket are bought items AND needed hot glue to fix them … got finger tips like ET’s now. Glow in the dark, as well – at least they throb like they do. Hot glue burns like bloody Napalm.

I was going to make a Little Match Girl as a Christmas decoration but the story is too sad to think about. Especially when you know there are too many homeless people out there facing a bleak and comfortless Christmas. Hans Christian Anderson wrote so many sad stories. The Grimm’s brothers wrote stories that generally ended with everyone getting their just desserts and got what was coming to them, but HCA… always so tragic and sad.

Anyhow, am going to make a couple more with a Christmassy theme maybe selling nuts or gingerbread men…and count my blessings that I have much to be thankful for and make a donation to St Vincent  to help those less fortunate.

I hope you are blessed and looking forward to Christmas and may trouble be far from your doorstep.



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  1. webmaster says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Give me a couple of days and I’ll get onto it.

  2. santini says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the photo and graphics thing you do as well.
    Write up the tut – think I’ll give it a go myself!

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