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Snowflake swing card

Just dressed up a file for Christmas. It’s a variation of the swingcard that I posted some time ago – see the link This one has a snowflake cut out and a good sparkling of sugar glitter. I embossed a circle of 80gsm (plain old copier paper!) to glue behind the snowflake aperture and it looks lovely.

I’ll be posting it for sale later on this evening but have some other stuff to finish off first. Until later then.

PS Hope you’re not badly affected by the rain. We’ve had some road closures locally but no houses have been flooded though there are warnings.

There. I tweaked and finessed the file and am very happy with the end result. The snowflake left behind on the carrier sheet can be used as a topper for other Christmas projects and has a pretty star cut out in the middle.

This is for sale at 3.00 euro and is for the card and the round star frame around the circular aperture only (no envelope).

Payment can be made through Paypal and you will receive the file in your e-mail address within 24 hours of the payment being received.

Snowflake Swing Card (Zipped file with GSD, SVG and DXF file formats)

Snowflake Swing Card SVG, DXF and GSD (€ [price])


Christmas decorations

While I’m showing you some of my Christmas decorations, thought you might like to see a couple of bargains I bought from TKMaxx. The two wooden angels stand approx 15″ high and were reduced from 29.99 to 9.99. Well, so the ticket says. I love them so didn’t care and thought €20 for them was worth it.

I didn’t like their faces, though.  Too sweetie-sweet so I rubbed them off  with sandpaper and gave them a coat of gesso then applied a wash of  flesh-coloured acrylic. I like their serene anonymity and the beautiful stillness about them now.

I also rubbed their frocks down a bit and gave them a good coating of sugary glitter. Unfortunately, the photo hasn’t picked up the gorgeous sparkle they have.

Anyway, you can see I am preparing the home for Christmas. But, come Christmas morning, unless I get a move on, it will be decs only and no presents.

Mr Tree and I are going into Dublin tomorrow to spend some money and try to get the big presents and various stocking fillers and stuffers done and dusted.

Hope the rain keeps off!

Happy thoughts and good wishes to you.



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Hearts for Christmas

Just 31 days left till Christmas! That came up fast. Must get some shopping done. I’ve been busy making all sorts of decorations and have loved my sewing machine a lot these last few months but haven’t bought the big ticket stuff yet. Will have to get a move on.

I’ve been making more hearts like they were going out of style!  The ones in the picture have letters appliqued on. To make your own:


1. Print out words or intials onto thickish paper (I used 160gsm), or maybe you could print dirctly onto fabric fusible paper?

2. Trace around the outlines onto fusible paper.

3. Iron onto the back of the fabric of your choice (remember to think about which will be right way round when it comes to how the letters display when you’re sewing everything on the right side.

4. Cut round the letterform on the fabric-fused fabric.

5. Peel the backing paper off and position onto the right-side of your fabric.

6. Cover with a just-damp, thin cloth and hot-iron into place.

7. You can leave it at that or stitch around the edges of the letter if you wish.

There! Done!



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Re-creating a cake design

Have you ever tried to re-create a cake design? You may remember this one that I made and posted in Dec 2010. I have been asked to make another and am daunted in case I don’t do it as well, if not better. And finding gum tragacanth here is difficult, but without it, fondant icing gets too crumbly and cracks. Think I’ll go into the city at the weekend and have a trawl round and see if there are any shops that stock cake decorating equipment. Hmm wonder if Amazon might sell it – Amazon sells EVERYTHING these days! Off to go see!





Kris Kringle

While retailers are bemoaning their lot about reduced consumer spending it is also a great time to go grabbing bargains. Everywhere you go there are 50% off signs or ‘Bog Offs’  or three for twos, etc.

I was out at the weekend and couldn’t resist taking advantage of some beautiful tea towel offers. This is the time of year to think about the little expenditures that quickly mount up if you aren’t careful – like the Kris Kringles,  gifts for the lollipop ladies, teachers and the not-quite-friends-but-more-than-acquaintances, etc.

But what can you get for a small outlay and still make the present something special? Well, I found some lovely tea towels, all 100% cotton (and a nice quality cotton, too) on a three for two. The designs are just so sweet and I was smitten. So, soon had them bought, bagged and brought home. I introduced one to a hessian bag I posted recently and it was a match made in heaven. They were made for one another. I foldy-rolled one up and popped it  in. Perfect. A lovely gift for under €5.00.

My gloaty ‘aren’t-I’clever’ head is very definitely on today, ha-ha!

OMG – I think the sun is coming out! Not sure as last sightings of this phenomena were not confirmed and may just be the rambling of a fevered brain. Like a dream I had the day before yesterday! I dreamt that I was watching a medical documentary and the narrator said that a tape worm larva had built a trap door into Judge Judy’s brain!

When I woke I Googled for more information. Not surprisingly, there was nothing to substantiate this nonsense – and with a resource like Google that can find the DNA of a fruit fly on the infernet I was reassured that Judy’s brain was safe and as sharp as her tongue.

Have a happy day


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