French Knots

Have been busy making some home-made decorations for Christmas and learning a few stitches on the way. I love this heart. It is stuffed with a mix of filler and dried lavender. I stitched on a few tinkle bells along the bottom so it would give a little jingle when it sits on the tree and the tree gets brushed. I love that sound. It says Christmas to me.  The stitches are straightforward but what I AM proud of is finally, and I do mean FINALLY – I can do French Knots! They have been a mystery to me for many years and now I can do them. You know the expression ‘To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail’? Well that’s me. What would improve with a light dusting of French Knots?! What wouldn’t?!

Just don’t stand still too long if I’m around with some embroidery floss and needle….

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2 Responses to French Knots

  1. webmaster says:

    Thank you Barbara

  2. Barbara says:

    How delicate and precious! Hurray for mastering french knots! I love them, too!

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