Vintage paper posy

Here’s another paper posy made in exactly the same way as the one posted the other day (there’s a quick toot here: This time I used vintage paper from a book published in 1913. I sometimes wonder if the book could have been valuable and one day will appear on  the Antiques Roadshow with an expert peering over his pince-nez at it berating such wilful desecration. Done now though, (she said, with no remorse whatsoever).

I’m keeping this one as a decoration for Christmas. It will look  nice on the mantlepiece with the two wooden angels I bought from TK MAX the other day. A snip at a tenner each. I rubbed their faces off and gave them a ‘clinically proven’ facelift – they had a strange simpering ‘I’ve-just pinched -the-green-triangle-out-of-the-Quality-St-tin’  look about them and I wanted angelic serenity.  Again, done now.

While I’m on the subject, there is an ad on the telly promoting some miraculous face cream that claims it is ‘clinically proven’. Clinically proven to do what? It doesn’t expound its meaning – it is up to us, dear viewers, to do the joined up thinking and arrive at the conclusion that it is clinically proven to achieve the miracles of age-reversal and skin renewal that it tacitly implies. And spend hard earned cash on their pot of gold.

Bleh! Have to keep our wits about us at all times lest we be hypnotised by the seductive language of advertising; it always promises something better than before…

But I’m very cynical, as you know.


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