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One year ago

Just thinking about my lovely boy who died a year ago today.  Here he is, having a good yawn but it looked like a sneeze so I added some flowers to tickle his nose and give him something to sneeze for.

Can’t believe a year has gone by. I hope he is a powerful, fearless, magic tiger having a wonderful life on the other side.

Still missing the young man, bless his beautiful bones.



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X Form snowflake card

Christmas is coming. Given that the weather is cold, wet and miserable, the prospect of Christmas with its glitter, sparkle and ostentatious glamour is very appealing. So, with no apology for it being September still, here is a Christmas X-form card. The X form is where two pieces slot into one another and form an ‘X’. They are very handy though, as they fold flat for posting!

I made a few not too long ago:

and here:

This one is available as an SVG and GSD for €3.00 (euro). Payment is to be made through Paypal and you will receive your file electronically, via your email, within 24 hours of your payment being received.

x form snowflake (€ [price])

Thank you for looking


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Pop-Up Crimble Cottage

Was out shopping yesterday and heard a woman say ‘I don’t believe it! Christmas stuff in the shops already’! I believed it. Christmas has been in all the craft mags since early August. Normally, the intrusion of Christmas during the school holidays and early autumn is ignored, but the woman’s remark sparked off a thought.  When I got home, I checked my work-in-progress folders to see if there were any Christmassy files unfinished.  Yes there were, one being a sweet little pop-up crimble cottage card insert.  Got Illustrator launched and soon had it cut out and folded.

There are a couple of tweaks I want to make before I create the cut-outs to go over the icicles hanging either side off the roof, but they are minor. The pop-up cottage is one side of the card and the words ‘Merry Xmas’ are on the other. I think a sprinkle of glamour dust or spangly sugar snow and it will look very pretty.

I used a couple of brushes from the Photoshop Scandinavian brush set I made last year to dress it up for now:

Think I should be thinking about getting the cake made now…

Byeee for now!

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