House of dreams

Am in the process of making some little wooden houses to turn into note or photoholders and am lucky to still have all my fingers ever since Mr Tree let me loose with his draagbare werkbank met twee hoogtes. Ooer Mrs! Or, more prosaically, his ‘dual height portable  workbench and vice’ (It’s a B & D Workmate, if you haven’t guessed) … and saw. There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of ‘To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. So true. I have been looking for bits of wood (and got some driftwood lined up for next project) to saw into new things…

I’m showing these because they intrigue and fascinate me. I coated them with gesso then painted them with black acrylic then sanded them down and little patterns emerged. A bit like a rorschach test without the symmetry, of course. But looking them over I can see all sorts of imagery and pictures… all nebulous and not quite definable like watching clouds and seeing shapes (pareidolia, doncha know!).

Still to finish them with some windows and doors but thought I’d show them for the curiosity factor and it the house of dreams for the sense of almost seeing or remembering snatches and glimpses of dreams.


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