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I mentioned this old school desk a long time ago. It was bought from a second-hand shop and is over fifty years old. It was proper school-issue, though had been decommissioned by the time I went to school! It’s very strong. The tubular metal is really tough. The wood looks like pine but isn’t. Pine is a softwood and this is hard. I had the surface varnish/polish taken off (after giving it a go myself but it was too much like hard work and I gave up).

I stencilled some flowers (public domain design) and leaves (courtesy Shoshi using acrylics but think they went on too thick so will give them a bit of a sanding down to subdue them a bit.

The tubular frame has been sprayed with white gloss but am going to go over with a second coat, using a paintbrush this time) over the weekend. It’s deeper than it looks and holds a lot but am disappointed that I can’t get all my paint and sketching books in with my watercolour crayons and other drawing things. But then again, I have LOTS of art books!!

At the moment , it’s sitting in a corner of the kitchen and will stay there until it’s finished (this weekend, hopefully). A few more stencils, a coat of clear varnish, etc. Then it will move to my ‘office’ so I can take a break from the stuff I do and let right brain have some play time.

I like how practical it is. The bench seat is an integral part of the design and folds up. I would like to find an inkwell for it next, just to complete it.

Sorry the photos are very poor. Light is dim, it’s raining and very overcast and have to get a move on to finish some stuff  before 5.00 so all done in a hurry!

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!




Art nouveau

Am really taken with art nouveau designs after reading about Biba in a book I bought recently.  I found this design in the public domain (ai format) and used lots of different gradient (PShop) fills to colour it in. I like the way it turned out.

If Mrs Trellis of South Wales inundates me with an email I will write up the tutorial – it’s very simple, with only a couple of steps to isolate the individual elements of the design. If you want to know how, leave me a comment.

Other, Sewing

All you need is love

Told you I had two of these! This one keeps my Clover pom-pom maker set together. The size is just perfect – the bag is like a  field glasses or small binoculars case. Plain sandy brown canvas, nothing fancy but for one euro in the sale had to be put to good use. I appliqued on the letters for ‘Love’ (printed the letters off, traced them onto Wondaweb (? think that’s what it’s called – the fusible paper stuff)  then cut them out, ironed them on and stitched around the edges.  There.

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