Wooden Houses

I have been dying to have a go at painting little wooden houses so when my OH got his Workmate out I got him to cut me off a few bits of wood with pointy ends. And I L-O-V-E-D playing with them! The first couple were a bit naff. Things got better when I gave them all a coat of Gesso first to give the surface a bit of tooth and stopped the paints bleeding. I used water colours mainly with some torn cordoroy paper and some antique gold trim.  It was just lovely fun.

Things did get off to a less than great start this morning when the lid fell off the ‘hinges’ on the kitchen bin. I think they fell out, personally. ‘You leave me and I’ll cause a stink!’  ‘Don’t care, not going to cover for you any longer’… Bleh! Hate emptying the bins.

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One Response to Wooden Houses

  1. Barbara says:

    OH! It’s a beautifl little fairy house! How precious!

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