Green tea with jasmine flowers

Today started off looking as miserable as hot snot but turned into a really sunny as buttercups one instead, yay!  For the first time in absolutely ages I sat in the garden with a cup of green tea with jasmine flowers. Of the green teas I like this one and the blend with lemon, best. The rest taste like weeds (to me). The dickie birds were spreading their wings on a nearby shed roof with their Raybans on, soaking up the rays.

Sat there, sipping away thinking about everything and nothing and wishing the sodding bank could get its ar*e into gear so I could do a bit of non-essential craft shopping. A woman has her needs.

And, if they have determined the existence of the Boson Higgs particle, what are they going to do with the Hadron Collider? Thought they could turn it into a large passenger underground between France and Switzerland. Except everybody would die in it. Then thought it wasn’t such a great idea after all and I really need to get some Angelina Fibres very soon to stop me having these weird ideas.

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