Get your skates on!

Saw these long skate boots on michele made me blog yesterday and HAD to make a pair. They are so stinkin’ cute and just perfect accessories for a little present wrapped in chicken scratch paper (think I gave away  the ABR for this graphic a while ago so you could make your own).

I just LOVE them! You can just see the heel of a red pair in the top-right of the pic… which means there’s a production line going on cos these will be perfect as tree decs for Christmas, as gift tag ornaments, without the skates will dress up any girlie present. I had to get my skates on!

BUT why stop at Christmas?! Chop the heels down and turn them into brogues and they butch-bling a guy present… or turn them into platform soles and they’re glam rock accessories…They’re just ab-so-lutely GORJUSS!

The salt dough heart was one I made last Christmas. Painted with acrylics, Threaded through with raffia and varnished. Bit sad next to the wonderful tooty booties!

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2 Responses to Get your skates on!

  1. webmaster says:

    Hiya B! Very nice word and why not! Language is a living thing and it does it good to have new life and fun breathed into it!

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh, the skates are just the beautiest! (That’s a new word, you know. I just made it up. Hah!) Luv!

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