Neat way to use watercolour paper

I bought a big pack of 135 x 135 brown cards some time ago and wanted a quick but nice way to use them and include litle water colour paintings but without commiting myself to hours of drawing and painting to make something big for each card. And, as we all know, if you make a big mistake and don’t like the end result, you have to start again! So, inspired by a friend of mine – a proper artist – I made little (around 2″) square, water colours as toppers for the cards.

Tearing water colour paper is tough. I used 300 gsm cold pressed NOT. A tip from artist lady and I had the hang of it. Score the paper, fold one way then the other – using a bone tool if you wish – then butt a straight edge like a metal ruler against the folded crease and tear.

Ooeeee! A little tip! I couldn’t think where I’d left my scoring tool – somewhere up in nanny’s room behind the clock – and was looking round for something to use in place of it. For no good reason, I had a Loreal (cos I’m worth it!) ‘crochet hook’ – you know, the little hook tool to pull hair through a highlighting cap – in my pencil case. It is perfect as a scoring tool. PERFECT!

I embossed around the edge and the front was good to go.

Lined the card and it was all ready, looking very pretty, though I say it myself!


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