Have a happy cup of tea day

Tea, whether it’s for a sheep fellow or regular people, is probably my favourite drink. Fresh, fragrant and refreshing. Full of anti-oxidants (though I read recently that researchers are now undecided as to whether anti-oxidants and their capacity to mop up free radicals is as good for  us as they once thought). Doesn’t make any difference to me; love tea.

Anyway, made a little teapot water colour, added a hand-written sentiment on another scrap of water colour paper and was pleased with the end result.

I also dressed up a pop-up teapot with pretty cut-outs (there are some scallopy cut outs that form a ‘doiley’ around the base of the teapot which hasn’t been very well captured in the picture…) The base mat it is cut from continues the floral theme but becomes the ‘steam’ from the teapot.  Anyhoo, very happy with how it turned out and pleased that the folds are nice and simple so scoring and folding is easy squeezy.

Have a lovely day.


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