Blown Away

I was out with my sketch book as usual. A doodly drawing filled the page and I lightly painted a gentle colour wash with my water colour crayons (with one of those water brush thingies). Anyhow, an acquaintance and her eldest daughter came along and they both said how much they loved my little sketch so I wrote ‘For L.  from Helen’ in one corner, carefully tore it from the book and gave it to her. L.  hasn’t been very well but is recovering and has a wonderfully positive attitude.

A little while later I was amazed, delighted and  touched to find that L. had taken it and had it professionally framed and wanted me to sign it. She has a place for it in her home and loves it! I cannot explain how emotional I feel about this wonderful show of valuing something by me.

I haven’t got over it. Am blown away and immensely moved that she really did love my artwork! For all my life growing up, my mum told me that my sister was the arty one. Not me.

It brings to mind the painting I sold after taking water colour classes. The lady that bought one of my paintings (for 120.00 so not cheap) couldn’t afford to pay for it in one go and had to pay in installments. I never got to find out who she was but knowing she liked it so much that she budgeted and paid for it bit by bit made that sale tremendously touching as well.

This one didn’t make me any money (though my friend has commissioned me to do a big one for her!)  but gave me something even more precious. I am WAS feeling truly blessed.

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