Yeah, baby, yeah! Putting the g-RRR into Cougarrrr!

I mean this in a very shagadelic Austin Powers kind of way! My Cougar has woken and his claws are  sharp!  Or is that his teeth? Fangs?! Dunno and don’t care! I love it! I cut out one of the letters from the pop-up alphabet set  I made some time ago It made quick and clean work of it AND sang along while it did it.

My visitors have a few days left but have gone to Belfast for a couple of days and back tomorrow so have used to time to get kitty out and give her a stretch. I’m going to get the embossing stuff out in a bit – when I’ve watched an online video or two and looked up the help on the Thyme Graphics forum – then Somebody Stop Me! I’ll be smokin’!

Think you can tell I’m very pleased with my new machine, can’t you?!

I’m also measuring him up for a dust cover – I have some oilcloth somewhere but think the design won’t be appropriate… coffee cups or something…. so may rethink and get something that matches the majesty of this beautiful machine.

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2 Responses to Yeah, baby, yeah! Putting the g-RRR into Cougarrrr!

  1. Barbara says:

    Can’t help it – I’m jealous! LOL! Go for it all, girl!

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