I robot

Is there no end to the fun to be had with a cutting machine? I bought some heat press vinyl last year and didn’t really use it – until I bought a plain black hoodie for Mr Tree. It was too plain so got Illustrator into action and knocked up a cool sizzle-my-schnizzles, robot ( and then took it into Photoshop to convert it into a brush to play with on other projects – like the gang of robots that have turned up on the left)!

Cut, weeded and hot-pressed on, it looks just dudey! Mr Tree likes it but the weather  is amazing. It’s so hot and gorgeous it’s just not hoodie weather. From my window in this room I can see some giant Yukka’s and in this heat I pretend they’re palm trees. Or is that a mirage?

Have got a couple of kids’ hoodies to do (boys) so have designed different robots and hope to get them done early next week. Will show you when they’re ready.

Have a good weekend and hope you’re enjoying some good weather where you are.


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4 Responses to I robot

  1. bot buddies says:

    Cool site!

  2. webmaster says:

    Thank you, Susan. I know you love robots so glad you like Sammo (that’s his name!).

  3. FANTASTIC love it it turned out soo cool

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