Make seamless patterns in Illustrator

Okay – this title banner is not a seamless pattern! This is just something I put together for a little colour and prettiness on the blog. I like to play with graphics and never a day goes by that I’m not drawing, sketching or doodling – electronically or with good ol’ fashioned pencils and paper. This was a little design done in Illustrator just for colour – I can’t post without creating some graphic or other.

Now, if you really want to know how to make seamless patterns in Illustrator, register and download the pdf tutorial for free. I know that has a tutorial on making them too with lots of screen grabs and funky design instructions to go with it. Mine is slightly different and has no screen grabs. For me, mine works as a quick reference sheet and having it on my blog keeps my notes organised and easily searchable. So, if you know the principles and want a quick guide you’ll find mine useful but if you want the visuals  as well check out the spoony one.

btw – the background on the pdf tutorial IS a seamless pattern. I made it this morning while writing the tutorial to check the instructions against!

Off to think about what to have for tea.  Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Register to subscribe then download here:
Create seamless patterns in Illustrator tutorial pdf

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