Hello world!

Hello World!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster migrating this site from one hosting company to another. The previous company were going to charge me some €120 (domain registration and hosting) but as I could get more bandwidth plus domain reg for €68 with the hosting co. I’m with now,  it made sense to move.

The renewal date for the hosting was the 22nd April so I made sure I had everything backed up, etc, by Friday the 20th and sorted out permissions for the transfer to go ahead. Well, there were bottlenecks….  and road blocks… and various furballs to eliminate… but eventually all is well and the site is back up again!

There are some broken links and missing images to deal with and when I get a chance I’ll go through it systematically and sort them out.

Anyway, in case you thought I hadn’t been putting my shillings in the meter, I had! The main thing is, the site is back up and I’ll be posting shortly!

Bye for now,


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