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Hello world!

Hello World!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster migrating this site from one hosting company to another. The previous company were going to charge me some €120 (domain registration and hosting) but as I could get more bandwidth plus domain reg for €68 with the hosting co. I’m with now,  it made sense to move.

The renewal date for the hosting was the 22nd April so I made sure I had everything backed up, etc, by Friday the 20th and sorted out permissions for the transfer to go ahead. Well, there were bottlenecks….  and road blocks… and various furballs to eliminate… but eventually all is well and the site is back up again!

There are some broken links and missing images to deal with and when I get a chance I’ll go through it systematically and sort them out.

Anyway, in case you thought I hadn’t been putting my shillings in the meter, I had! The main thing is, the site is back up and I’ll be posting shortly!

Bye for now,


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Baby booful bootees keepsake

Helloooo! How are you this wonderful day? We’ve had some really GRIM weather lately. Cold and very, very wet! Just when we thought we could turn the heating off, we had to put it back on again. Still, the sun has broken out today – just – and it’s brightening everything up. It reminds me of a round of ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’ – the Humphrey years and the saying ‘Every shroud has a silver lining’.

This seems to hold true if you ever watch those forensic detective-type programmes. Seems like too many lives are lost by loved ones tripping and stumbling over large life insurance policy documents and setting off guns and such like…Still, enough of that morbid stuff.

Today I am showcasing my latest baby bootees and presentation box, perfect as a keepsake gift to welcome a new baby into a family.

The template includes:
The bootees – lots of pretty cut-out details from flowers to hearts and diamond lattice work
A presentation box with a beautiful frame around the aperture (use acetate here to make a window for the box)
An inner frame to enhance the box base
Side panels with flower borders
A smaller and larger aperture frame for you to choose from (cut in contrasting paper to show the frame off and reinforce the aperture at the same time). They also hide the glue used to stick down the acetate window for the aperture.
A tag for you to write your sentiment

The slideshow will show you the individual elements more clearly:

It’s for sale and costs €11 in SVG format.

Please note, you will need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut the template.

Thank you for looking


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Goody two shoes favour template

A quickie and a goodie two shoes for you!  A 3D cutting file (SVG or GSD) that I will give away as a free download  if I get 5 comments (or more  – haaarrrr… manic laughter!!!!). Perfect for little bags of sweeties or other favours for little (and no so little) girl parties. I think they’re sweet  but if I get no comments I’ll reconcile myself to being alone in that opinion.

Thank YOU! Five is the magic number so here you go:

No Longer Available

Have a great evening!


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Accordion Fold

Anyway, it all started yesterday afternoon. We’d done some shopping in the morning. (Was very surprised and delighted by some sparkly navy goldstone beads for my bracelet by Mr Tree!!).

We had lunch – a very tasty vegetarian rice dish based on a lasagne-type sauce with TVP, garlic-stuffed olives, passata, mushrooms, onions, fresh, chopped garlic, tomato puree, stock, fresh oregano, fresh basil and a sprinkle of dried mixed herbs with rice and a large mixed salad of rocket and spinach leaves, more olives, scallions, tomatoes, cucumber and all drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar.

I made another bottle of brandy cream liqueur – have got that recipe off to a ‘T’ for our taste now – and it takes just 10 minutes from start to finish. After a tidy up and a bit of bimbling about, what then? I picked up a book I have by Sheila Sturrock called ‘Making Mechanical Cards’  and felt the inspiration to make one she calls the ‘Accordion fold’ card.

It wasn’t as easy as it maybe looks. The basic card itself is the work of minutes. I soon became absorbed in creating swirls and smooshes of swooshes to give the back of the card lots of delicate cuttings and intricacies.  Of course, the plain straight edges didn’t go so well with it then. What to do to create interest on the front-folding panels? I know, a butterfly and a flower opposite one another! These were both elements I had in my files and have used before – but if I welded them on and cut them, there would be no pretty bits (the inner cut outs) of the butterfly to display. But if I cut out the inner bits, there would be no ‘proud’ bits to stand out from the folds.

So, I sat down with Illustrator and worked my way through the design issues systematically to solve them.  They didn’t take very long and I enjoyed thinking them through. You’re probably thinking it is really easy – in which case maybe I was having a slow day yesterday!

Anyway, I finished off the card by shaping the front panels into curves and backing it with vellum. Then came the envelope (yes, my favourite button-close type!) and  some shots to show you the stages it went through. Maybe it will inspire you to have a go or at least check out the book.




I haven’t taken a picture of the envelope but it is the same as the ones for thepop-up teapot, elephant and teapot-shaped cards (though resized appropriately). The file includes the flower and butterfly toppers so you would have them to use on other projects. The butterfly is quite lovely – I designed it a while ago now but it is still one of my all-time favourites.

This card is available for purchase on my Etsy site: Paper Pictures

Thank you for looking. Have a great day.


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More blessings

Hello again,

A beautiful keepsake template. Simple but lovely and suitable for many occasions such as Holy Communions, Confirmations, Easter and many others.

It is made from layered mats with a scalloped cross on top with the word ‘blessings’ cut out. The layers are separated by dimensionals. The cross is finished off with flowers.

This file can be purchased on my Etsy site: Paper Pictures

Please note, you will need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut the file.

Thank you for looking


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