Want a quick ISO page size guide?

I used to love working with InDesign but now, not so much. Still, when I thought about making a reference guide for a fuller set of ISO page sizes than the one I posted earlier this week, it was the s/w of choice. And, today I did enjoy putting this layout together! It was also an opportunity to use the free papers and frilly borders I offered just over a week ago so was pleased to see they worked well for what I wanted. I only got 2 comments so I might be one of the few people that likes them (am leaving them for another week or so then will retire them for personal use).

Anyway, the pic above is a .png so you might find it good enough res for whatever you’d like it for. If it has become too degraded in the shrink process, the pdf can be found here:

ISO page sizes PDF

Hope you have a great weekend.

All the best, Hel. x

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