Security seal tutorial

Today I stumpled (a happy typo Mr Tree made the other day – I like it) across a wonderful Illustrator tutorial. You can find it here:

Written by Alberto Kaiser Sosa, it’s clearly explained with lots and lots of screen grabs on the way. The author thinks it would take you about an hour to do but if you’re familiar with Illustrator I think it’s more like 45 mins or so.

I learned just how awesome the Scribble effect could be – and Wow! Would you believe that the centre element, the shape like a squiggly line apple is a solid black circle with a scribble effect applied?! I didn’t know that was possible.

The only problem I had with creating my version of the security seal was not related to the tutorial. I could not, any which way, reduce the line weight of vertical or horizontal lines below 1 pt. I could make them bigger but nothing below 1 pt.  I  Googled and found the answer (isn’t Google great? You could find the DNA of a fruit fly on Google these days). The techie answer, or explanation is that if you have ‘align to pixel grid’ switched on, fractional strokes (as in half and quarter points) cannot be aligned to a pixel grid so the application will automatically round the line weight up to the smallest value that it CAN align: 1 pt.  So turn off the ‘align to pixel grid ‘ – there’s a check box on the bottom of the New Document dialogue – uncheck it.

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