Rajah cat

The weather has been really gorgeous here. Golden sunshine and very comfortably warm. The sea was sparkly blue and the sky was  perfect azure with only an occasional white fluffy cloud scudding lazily now and again.

I looked out early this afternoon and saw several birds , their wings outstretched, just  soaking up the rays. Seems like they enjoy the sunshine as much as any of us.

I haven’t done half what I planned on doing. In fact, Mr Tree and I did a bit of shopping then spent a few hours bowling. I even won one game!  That’s very unusual for me. George from Drop the Dead Donkey was called a certain name for not being very good at catching and throwing but it’s very coarse so I shan’t say it here. Except it rhymes with bank hands. If I was a boy, that would be my name.

Since we got in I’ve been busy. Made a TVP lasagne and another bottle of brandy cream! Sunday is change-the-bed day so off to get on with that little job then a nice shower. There’s nothing so luxurious as a clean bed,  the feeling of being freshly showered  and a pair of soft, sweet-smelling clean pyjamas. Well, maybe – if I top it with a nice glass of brandy cream with chunks of ice and a good film to curl up with Mr Tree to watch.

I leave you with Rajah Cat. A fearless tiger of a cat which is what my cat in spirit is, I’m sure. I still look for and expect to see him. I would SO like to see him – just once would do – to see that he’s happy and having a fabulous time on the astral plane. Rajah cat was inspired by the same seventies perfume bottle that the rest of the menagerie were modelled on. All done in Illustrator, as usual, with lots of gradient meshes, shape-building and clipping masks.

Hopefully I’ll get some fun stuff done this week but I have other deadlines that must be met so can only try.

Stay positive and always reach for the thought that feels happiest. Hope you are having a great weekend.


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2 Responses to Rajah cat

  1. webmaster says:

    Thank you. I don’t normally write up a full tutorial as they’re a lot of work. I still want to write up the choc bar tutorial (PS) and haven’t had time yet. I’ll see what I can do.

  2. santini says:

    You’re really captured the essence of some 70s iconic graphics. Do you write up tutorials for how you did this?

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