Make your own glitter tape

Had a brainwave this morning. I was making a gift packet and wanted a couple of straight lines of glitter . The paper was a pastel plaid design. Nice but lacking a bit of pazzazzle-dazzle. So easy. Got out some thin double-sided tape and snipped off the length I wanted. I used a ruler to line it up to where it needed to go – the picture above is an offcut of wrapping paper so I wasn’t fussy about whether it aligned to anything.

I stuck it down, peeled off the top layer (you already know the rest, don’t you?!) sprinkled on some glitter and job done! So easy.

Speak later


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4 Responses to Make your own glitter tape

  1. craftynan says:

    I have downloaded several of your free files and just want to say thank you. They will be a big help in my cardmaking

    • webmaster says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you have fun with the files and enjoy yourself.



  2. Barbara says:

    Shazam! Great idea!

    • webmaster says:

      Cheers chick! Now, if there were sheets of double-sided sticky tape that we could cut shapes out of with our cutting machines… be nice to make lengths of ric-rac or stars and glitter our own….

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