Make a pretty packet out of wrapping paper

Made these pretty packets yesterday. A very simple template:

Cut some paper to 300 x 240 mm and score fold lines as in the above picture. Simply make the cuts as shown along the bottom. Stick down a length of double sided tape along the inside vertical edges of one of the back panels, then press it down over the top edge of the other back panel (there is  an overlap). Make sure the sides are valley-folded in. Fold in the bottom flaps (I always fold the small flaps first, then the long rectangle then the triangular flap).

Stand it upright – it should form a box shape. Press it flat (side folds valley- yes?!) then use a boning tool to give the folds a good crease.

Fill your packet with the contents, fold over the top to an appropriate length. I trimmed mine with pinking shears.

Now, the closure. It’s up to you. A velcro dot. Paper buttons to wrap thread around. Stitch it down. Whatever you’re happiest using. I used a Silent Setter to make two holes through the fold-over . I put some ribbon through the holes front to back and tied the packet closed.  Then I made a paper bow (a la Tweety Attalier’s tutorial )  and hot glued it onto the ribbon at the front.

It’s a neat trick to have up your sleeve when you’re stuck for  pretty packaging. This will hold a card and gift so you could get away without having to make a boxelope  using a nice packet.

You could cut out an aperture and cover it with acetate and make a plaque and add a stamped image to the front.! The possibilities are down to you but it’s nice to have another technique at your fingertips when you haven’t the time to nip to the shops or get the Craft Robo set up!

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